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Mar 17, 2022 | Classes | 10 comments

Growing Vegetables and Fruits in Your Landscape 3/29/22 at 7:30 PM

Classes | 10 comments

Written by Laura Koval


If you already have landscaping but would like to add vegetables, fruits, and herbs to your space or you live in a community with an HOA that does not allow you to have a vegetable garden this is the class for you! It is easy to incorporate edible plants that are as beautiful as they are tasty into a container, flowerbed, or existing garden. Attractive, versatile, delicious plants will be discussed as well as plant care. Q&A with a Master Gardener will be available at the end of class to answer all of your questions.

Tue, March 29, 2022
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

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